Judy and Paisley
My name is Judy Devine-Geuther, owner of Feathers & Fur Pet Sitting Service, which I established in 2004.

Working with animals is my passion. Animals have always been a part of my life and we have a mutual respect for each other.

Over the years I've shared my love and life with many creatures including horses, birds, reptiles, and of course, cats and dogs.

After working as an administrative assistant in New Jersey for 26 years, I opted for early retirement and moved to the Tri-Cities in Washington State to be with my future husband (we're now married). 

Once settled in the Tri Cities, I decided to pursue my dream job which is caring for animals.

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In addition to my pet-sitting service, I will soon be launching a pet photography business. I've been training and preparing for this new venture, so that I will be able to capture the unique personalities of your pets.

Since March 2009 I have been spending one day a week as a "wrangler" assisting talented professional photographer Mike Kloth as he photographs animals at the local humane society here in Tri-Cities.

I am as eager and excited about this new photography venture as I am about my pet-sitting business. It's doing what I love most: Working with animals.

You can check out my photography blog here.